Little red


Shower Gel, Perfume, Boxing Gloves and Coal. Derived from the marvellous world of Fairytale, this piece explores the romanticised settings of life and relationships; muddying themes of violence, childish play, caricature and popular music. 

This lively spectacle lasting forty minutes travels through a sinister story-arc and presents the excuses we adopt through dance, repetition and interaction. Devised for ‘Florilegium.’


Performance Art Installation

-body art

Presented at:

NEWK. Live Art Bistro, Leeds. 13.04.16
I.D Emerging Female Artist. The Courtyard, Hereford. 20.03.16
Eklectik. The Media Factory, Preston. 18.05.15
Florilegium. Edge Hill University, Ormskirk 19.11.14